Catherine Wolf Award

Established October, 1978

The Catherine Wolf Award will be presented to the outstanding senior female athlete in the Elkhart Community Schools and will be chosen by a Selection Committee based on the rules and purposes established for this award which is hereby established and will be continued by a Selection Committee under the direction of the Elkhart Community Schools and
the Elkhart Truth.

General Purposes
The purpose of this award is to provide a vehicle through which the Elkhart Community Schools, the Elkhart Truth, and the community of Elkhart may pay due recognition to a woman who as a student has made an outstanding contribution to the athletic programs of Elkhart Community Schools. This woman should possess the personality, warmth, friendship, and moral and spiritual character typified by good sportsmanship. Recognizing that athletic programs are only one part of school life, she shall also display a conscientious academic record, service to her school, and thoughtful goals for the future.

The Catherine Wolf Award
During a distinguished 40-year career from 1929 to 1969, Miss Catherine Wolf was recognized as an outstanding athlete, coach and teacher. In 1934 and 1935, she was listed as one of the top ten women tennis players in the nation and was considered first among Midwest participants throughout the mid-1930's. As a coach, her teams were highly successful and as both coach and teacher, she was respected by students for her understanding, competence, loyalty, and devotion.

It is, therefore, the feeling of the sponsors that no person could better exemplify the foregoing purposes and standards of this award than Catherine Wolf. An athlete of national stature, she was also an inspiration and credit to women in athletics in this area before the historical expansion of women's athletic programs in the Elkhart Community Schools. We are proud to adopt her name with the full approval of her family.

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